Using meteorology as a strategically and fundamental tool on risks, we realize forecasts and customized analysis according to what you need.
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Hotline with the Meteorologist: This service offers a team of meteorologists ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to solve your doubts and give meteorological information in real time, acting as consultants when taking decisions.

Monitoring 24 hours: Monitoring 24 hours the weather conditions is a service of attendance on the changes of meteorological conditions through analysis of information from radars, satellites and meteorological stations realized by a specialized team, in real time, giving alerts beforehand about severe weather conditions, thunderstorms, hail storm, electrical discharge and wind bursts.

Monitoring Atmospherical discharges: Services of monitoring through analysis of information from radars and satellites, a service realized in real time offering information about atmospherical discharges.

Meteorological Alerts: Notice about severe meteorological events such as: heavy rain, frost, hail among others.

Weather Forecast: The weather forecast is a daily description of the weather conditions for the next 15 days. It’s realized by a team of highly prepared meteorologists, having as a structure the meteorological data, satellite images and numerical models. It gives the highs and lows temperature, relative humidity condition, the probability of rain, rain volume and weather situation.

Climate Forecast: The weather forecast is a climate analysis of tendencies in a period of 12 months realized by a team of specialized meteorologists and numerical models. The climate forecast is developed for a specific region, describing the tendencies of rain and temperature discussing the anomalies of these variables.

Nautical Reports: Forecast service for seashore region that gives information about the height and orientation of the waves, direction and wind intensity and the weather forecast for the next days.

Reports and Meteorological Appraisals: The meteorological appraisal is a document of legal value in Brazil that attests the weather conditions on a determined date and local. This appraisal is prepared by a meteorologist that analyses the meteorological data, images from satellites and the radar of the day and location, based on this analysis, the meteorologist issues a sight about the weather conditions that occurred. For this purpose the meteorologist must have the CREA register for meteorology. Only the CREA registered meteorologists can sign the meteorological appraisal.

Weather Index: The weather Index offers a projection of the consumption based on parameters of interconnections with meteorological variables, and needs data about the historic of sales. Studies about the correlations and projection elaboration are realized by a Climatempo specialized team, structured on meteorological data and numerical models. With weather Index is possible to understand in details the impact on weather and climate conditions on company profit, enabling strategic decisions.

Crop Report: The crop report consists of a weather forecast for the next 15 days and a climate forecast for the next 12 months. With this report is possible to understand the impact of the weather and climate on the development of cultivation and have an attendance on the crops in the main producing areas of Brazil and worldwide, monitoring about 90% of the worldwide agriculture production.

Crop Reports: The crops reports are descriptive analysis containing maps, texts and graphs, realized for the cultivation of Coffee, Cotton, Rice, Sugar Cane, Citrus, Beans, Corn, Soy and Wheat. This report permits a detailed attendance on weather conditions for the next 15 days in the main productive areas in Brazil.

Researches & Development: We realize several studies about environmental meteorology such as: Climate characterization of the regions, Detection and monitoring Fires and Burned Areas, Studies about dispersion of Pollution, Thermal Comfort, Hydro-meteorology, Bio-meteorology, Agric-Meteorology, Atmospheric Modeling, among others.

Content for Media: We have available information in different format so that your means of information can provide data and high quality forecasts easy to be understood. We provide customized content for newspapers, websites, TVs, radios, magazines, mobile phones and media in door. We provide our service to producers and photographers, to help them in rehearsal and shooting programming.

Lectures and Trainings: Our lectures and trainings are developed to prompt knowledge about the use and the impact of meteorology on organizations and people’s lives.

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